See the unseen! While a human hair is 90 microns, DEEPSIGHT® uses artificial intelligence to identify scratches and defects as small as 40 microns.

World’s most advanced Cosmetic Grading Machine for cellular phones and tablets


On the procurement side of your business, we build confidence in appraising incoming devices consistently and accurately. Human graders are subject to typical human weaknesses like boredom, distraction, and fatigue that lead to inconsistent results. We help you build trust with your customers by confidently delivering the quality device you promised.

Grade better

In many cases, it is difficult for a human operator to see the extent of the scratches and other cosmetic variations in the device. The processed image clearly reveals the flaws by color-coding highlights that are superimposed on the raw image.

Once DEEPSIGHT has graded the device, the human operator can review the raw images and the processed images that highlight the defects of the device and itemize the parameters that triggered the grade it received.

The grading data is stored in the cloud and electronically integrated with other supply chain management systems and warehouse automation.

Grade A
Grade B
Grade C
Grade D
Grade E
Grade A
Count:up to 5
Longest:up to 3 mm
Widest:up to 0.15 mm

Grade Tuning

Several standards have been defined for grading of devices. Sizes of scratches, cracks, digs and dents on the device play a role in determining the grade of the device.

CTIA, the governing body that represents the U.S. wireless communication industry, defines standards for the cosmetic grades of the devices. At the same time, several B2B and B2C buyers and sellers, including OEMs, define their own stringent or even relaxed standards for grading.

DEEPSIGHT® is designed to be flexible to follow standards that can be configured. This allows the users of the machines to tune the grades as per their market needs.


We assist to eliminate any biases created due to subjectivity in human grading.


We enable fast and accurate detection by measuring and analyzing surface defects.


We provide flexibility using deep-learning algorithm that smartly adapts.


We help to achieve your business needs by enabling configurable grading rules.

DEEPSIGHT Portal (left) and Grading Analytics (right) dashboards.

Decisions made easy

DEEPSIGHT Portal offers a comprehensive web-based dashboards and analytics that allow you to gain hidden insights into your business. You can know which channels consistently provide the highest and lowest quality of incoming devices.

Downstream repair processes, such as the buff and polish process results can be evaluated and tracked over time by make/model. The DEEPSIGHT Portal screen below shows the grading results of a typical worker’s shift with a random basket of devices.

Improved efficiency and capacity

DEEPSIGHT operates as a standalone device fed by a human operator or in a highly automated “pod” of 2 to 4 machines with an automatic robotic feeder arm.

The machine has a cycle time of 60 seconds with a total output of 4 phones per minute in the 4-machine pod configuration. The below table shows the DEEPSIGHT grading capacity.

Devices graded
in 8 hours shift
Devices graded
in 24 hours
1 336 1008
2 672 2016
3 1008 3024
4 1344 4032