Cosmetic Grading

Cosmetic Grading Machine "DEEPSIGHT™"

The supply chain for smart devices is huge and complex. With billions of smart phones and tablets currently in use around the world & growing exponentially a hidden threat to supply chain resilience and business continuity lies in the reverse supply chain. The devices which are flushed in the reverse supply chain need to be cosmetically graded to decide their disposition for refurbishing, remanufacturing or full disposal and salvage. Though nothing beats human vision for versatility human weaknesses like boredom, distraction & fatigue can limit the grading accuracy & repeatability by humans.

Phoenix Innovations has introduced an automated cosmetic grading machine for smart devices. The key features of this machine are modular vision system with integrated image processing and machine learning algorithm and advanced optical defect measurement sensor technology, first time ever used in cosmetic grading machine built so far. With a robotic manipulator this machine can be deployed for a variety of products that include mobile phones, tablets and wearable electronics devices. Our indigenously developed embedded software enables fully automated, remotely configurable software platform that can be easily customized and deployed at factory network to suits customers requirements.